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Smarter drilling performance leads to higher quality wells.

When you can drill a well more efficiently, precisely and with less tortuosity, you create a higher quality wellbore. In turn, higher quality wellbores help reduce overall costs and maximize production. With our end-to-end drilling solutions, we are able to work as a partner with you to understand your needs and goals—then, using our full breadth of drilling services, customize an approach that not only impacts the drilling stage but creates value all the way through production.

Optimizing placement in the pay zone.

Our drilling capabilities enable us to consistently land curves in target formations, maximize footage in target geological zones and land casing at planned depths.

Creating efficiency with reliability.

Keep projects moving, we combine innovation and proven processes to reduce backoffs, sidetrack frequency, and the frequency of laying down casing.

Optimized BHA selection and execution that improve performance

Expert data analysis and software capabilities select the right BHA, automation and advanced drilling technology protects the BHA downhole. Reducing failures and repair costs while increasing uptime, speed and overall wellbore quality.

Speed and quality working together.

Combining our expertise and technology, we are able to increase rotating and slide ROP while, at the same time, producing quality, less tortuous wellbores and reducing overall flat time.

Having an Impact Beyond Drilling.

Whether it’s better wellbore placement or maximizing frac stages by landing precise curves, what we do in the drilling stage can have meaningful impact in what comes after.

Increasing safety and performance.

Through technology and advanced remote operations, we are able to increase rig safety while at the same time empower human oversight, increase accuracy and optimize overall drilling performance.

When creating a customized solution, we work from our full breadth of services.

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    Flex3 Rig

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    Flex4 Rig

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    Flex5 Rig

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    Power Management

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    AutoSlide & BGS

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    Wellbore Placement

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    BHA Modeling

It’s time to impact both your drilling operations and bottom line with better drilling outcomes.