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Our super-spec rigs are designed for optimal flexibility, performance and efficiency.

With the computerization of the rig unit, H&P combines more than a century of engineering excellence with the integration of rapidly advancing technology to create flexibility in configurations, efficiencies in performance and meaningful enhancements for safe operations. With automation now leading the way to optimized performance, enhanced quality and increased value, our FlexRig fleet delivers:

  • Accuracy + Automation

    Optimized performance and automation capabilities for better quality, accuracy and cost savings

  • Efficiency + Optimization

    Increased operational efficiency and flat time excellence

  • Reach + Power

    Ability to drill longer wells safely with greater hoisting and rig power capabilities

  • Ratings + Performance

    Performance drilling to greater depths with superior pump rate and pressure ratings

  • Customization + Flexibility

    Customized rig designs for single well, multi-well and super pad drilling

  • Quality + Delivery

    On-time deliveries to our customers with the highest levels of quality through H&P's control over the entire manufacturing and design process

  • Safety + Control

    Increased operational safety by removing non-essential rig crew from the rig site, and monitoring, controlling and optimizing rig operations and maintenance around the clock from a remote location

Follow through on your drilling
performance potential.

Find out more about how our FlexRig fleet can help you to achieve faster, more precise drilling, with less tortuous wellbores.