Failure Prevention

H&P uses a suite of integrated technologies to help mitigate or prevent a variety of challenges that lead to downhole tool damage and outright failures.

FlexB2D® 2.0 Technology

FlexTorque® Technology

StallAssist® Technology

Boosted Offering

Autodriller Pro Control System

DrillScan® Technology

Advanced Wellbore Placement

H&P identifies drill plan challenges that could get you off course and then executes adjustments to counteract deviation so your well plan is guided through the optimal target formation.

Survey Management

Formation Top Detection

Boosted Offering

Autodriller Pro Control System

DrillScan® Technology

Directional Drilling Automation

After two years of limited drilling operations, the industry has a skillset shortage. With fewer directional drillers available, automation helps provide consistent and repeatable results out of the gate. This means:

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Increased safety and reduced health risks

  • Reduced human variability

  • Efficiency and predictability

Bit Guidance System

AutoSlide® Technology

FlexOscillator® Technology

Advanced Engineering Software Modeling & Support

By establishing your desired outcome from the start, H&P is able to uniquely combine expertise, innovation and culture of quality in creating a customized drilling approach; one that not only achieves the outcome but also helps improve on it.

DrillScan® Technology

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