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Head-to-Head Comparison Proves Significant Gains in Drilling Performance


As drilling parameters become more complex and production timelines tighten, operators need to know that every tool and service they deploy is making a positive difference towards meeting their overall outcome. One such tool is H&P’s unique Bit Guidance System. The H&P Bit Guidance System for directional drilling is designed to overcome the challenges, obstacles and risk associated with drilling in today’s high-cost and complex unconventional wells. It is a proprietary, algorithm-driven system that considers the total economic consequences of directional drilling decisions as the drilling is performed in realtime.

To prove the positive difference its addition can make to drilling operations, H&P performed a head-to-head comparison of eight wells in the Eagle Ford basin—four using the Bit Guidance System and four drilling without it.


The eight wells were drilled within one mile of one another at approximately the same time with nearly identical lithologies, well path geometries, drill bit, BHAs, and other associated rig equipment. The wells employing bit guidance also had somewhat more complex well geometries and longer lateral 5300 lateral feet vs 6600 lateral feet (1615 meters vs 2012 meters), making their task more challenging.


Wells that used the Bit Guidance System saw drastically better results in drilling time, accuracy, and tortuosity.

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