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Consistently Land Curve in Target Formations

Prior to the curve being drilled, a DrillScan® pre analysis is done to ensure the bottom hole assembly (BHA) is optimized to drill the curve based on the well plan build rate. While drilling, the Automation Sequencer executes the different functions needed to drill the curve. Our Bit Guidance System calculate the build rate needed to land the curve.

While drilling the curve, Survey Management is continuously correcting the downhole measurements and Collision Avoidance is ensuring the convergence plan is clear of risk. Additionally, we use our DrillDown platform to communicate real time progress when drilling.

Maximize Footage in Target Geological Zone

Our Survey Management technology not only corrects surveys, but also provides data to our Bit Guidance System to enable precise well spacing, enhanced placement and better knowledge of offset wellbore locations. Next, our AutoSlide™ Technology executes the necessary slides. While continually collecting data, Geosteering makes geological interpretations and recommendations to the well plan. These geological interpretations are conveyed to the operations geologist who reviews and approves the recommendation. The approval feeds directly back into the Bit Guidance System to re-plan and create a new convergence plan based on the interpretation and well plan shift.