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Improved Wellbore Placement

Our Bit Guidance System continuously monitors the drilling trajectory for deviations from the well plan as well as projects a path forward that will keep the well within the drilling window—all while minimizing high curvature sections that may reduce wellbore productivity.

Then, our Automation Sequencer ensures precise execution of the Bit Guidance System instructions. Our Survey Management solution reduces the uncertainty in relative wellbore positions which can cause the true lateral spacing to be hundreds of feet different than what is reported by the surveys.

Maximize Frac Stages by Landing Curve at Target Vertical Section and Delivering a Cased Lateral to Planned Total Depth

Our Survey Management technology corrects surveys and provides data to the Bit Guidance System to calculate how we need to drill in order to meet the best outcome. The AutoSlide® technology then executes on those slides.

Ultimately, delivering a tighter curve maximizes completable lateral length to potentially deliver 1-2 additional frac stages.