Sustainability efforts in the drilling stage can have a cumulative effect throughout the O&G value chain.

Focused on safer and more efficient drilling.

As a drilling solutions provider, H&P provides highly specialized services in one segment of the Oil & Gas value chain. We design, build, renovate and operate rigs (predominantly onshore in the U.S.)—and our intention, at all times, is to make drilling for oil and gas safer and more efficient.

Every day, we provide our customers—the exploration and production (E&P) companies—with the expertise, advanced technology and equipment to drill oil and gas wells. Following the completion of a well, our customers determine if and when to extract those resources from the ground. Our role does not extend beyond our segment of the O&G value chain, but we do believe our sustainability efforts in the drilling stage can have a positive, cumulative effect throughout the rest of the O&G value chain.

H&P is focused exclusively on the drilling segment of the oil and gas production value chain. Although many of the environmental and safety risks associated with the oil and gas sector fall outside of our operations, we believe H&P’s expertise and advanced technologies used in the drilling stage help our customers to minimize personal and environmental risks and maximize industry sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Strategy

H&P continues to refine and develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy rooted in our core value to: Do the right thing. This strategy uses data to better understand our impacts—in areas like emissions, diversity, and safety—so we can make any necessary improvements. We strive to monitor, disclose and show improvements to our stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers and the communities we live and work in.

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