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AutoSlide® Technology Now Holds the Operator Record Curve Time at 4.6 Hours


A major operator in the Midland Basin had been using the H&P Bit Guidance System with AutoSlide® Technology as their solution to successfully build and scale their remote directional drilling. Although AutoSlide technology was consistently producing better than average curve times, there seemed to be a curve time “ceiling” around 11 hours. H&P believed that curve times below 8 hours were possible in this basin, and set out to raise the bar and help ensure this operator was achieving optimal performance.


H&P aims to treat every customer relationship as a true partnership, which is why our Directional Team approached the operator with a bold plan to pause AutoSlide technology for the curve section of the hole where the “ceiling” seemed to exist. Their idea was to drill some of the curves manually to gain new perspective on what could be hindering optimal performance so that they could help the operator achieve their desired outcome.


By manually sliding, H&P not only reduced slide time to 8 hours, they gained significant insight into the well and were able to implement those finding into algorithm improvements for AutoSlide technology.

Once completed, H&P methodically re-introduced AutoSlide technology in the curve section, rolling it out on one rig at a time until all rigs were using AutoSlide technology for all curves again. In this instance, AutoSlide technology immediately delivered a 35% reduction in curve times and today has the current curve record for the operator at 4.6 hours.

AutoSlide® Technology

With data from the Bit Guidance System, H&P’s proprietary AutoSlide® technology executes the slide by orienting the toolface, applying weight to bit, and monitoring differential pressure in an effort to optimize toolface precision and ROP. Simply put, this technology enables H&P to deliver a more accurate, faster slide. Learn More

Bit Guidance System

Based on historical drilling information, H&P’s Bit Guidance System is pre-loaded with trouble zones to help minimize slides in those formations. It then determines the more economical, higher value slide location and footage. Learn More

“Delivering better outcomes to our customer partners is our main priority. If we see an opportunity to optimize their performance, we commit to seeing it through.” – Direction Drilling Team Member

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