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Increase Rotating ROP

Our DrillScan® software provides an iterative approach to finding the right BHA per well design with optimum build and turn rates to help ensure maximized rotation and minimized sliding footage. What’s more, based on the outcome objective to increase ROP, our Bit Guidance System makes directional decisions to reduce friction, enabling weight transfer and increased speed. Our Digital Roadmap software inputs pre-planned setpoints based on formation tops and adjusts them in real-time as formation changes occur, while our FlexDrill Technology continues to optimize setpoints for increased ROP during drilling operations.

Increase Slide ROP

Based on historical drilling information, our Bit Guidance System is pre-loaded with trouble zones to minimize slides in these formations. The Bit Guidance System determines the most economic, high value slide location and footage, while our proprietary AutoSlide® technology executes the slide by orienting the toolface, applying weight to bit, and monitoring differential pressure to optimize toolface precision and rate of penetration—resulting in an accurate, fast slide.

As drilling gets deeper into the lateral, we implement additional slide ROP technologies, such as:

  • FlexOscillator® technologyto break friction—ensuring an efficient transfer of weight to the bit using a configuration from the DrillScan software Torque and Drag model.

  • StallAssist® technology to continuously monitor the fluid pressure during the slide to rapidly detect drilling dysfunction and initiate a response to a motor stall before damage to drilling tools can occur.

  • Formation Top Detection to enable real-time updates to the Digital Roadmap so proactive changes can be made against uncertain geology.

Reduce Flat Time

Our Automation Sequencer systematically shifts between each of the functions of drilling a stand—minimizing the human inefficiencies. Moreover, it reduces flat times between each of the capabilities. Customers that utilize our processes and personnel training are able to reduce NPT caused by manual tasks like making connections, skidding, rig moves, and running casing.

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