Built into the DNA of H&P is a commitment to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We believe every action has a reaction, and it’s our innate responsibility to do better – for the employees, customers and communities that count on us, at all times, to do the right thing. Our goal is to prevent harm to our employees, our community and the environment while creating value for all stakeholders. We accomplish this by promoting a culture where every employee is expected to Control And Remove Exposures both on and off the job.

A Safety Strategy to LIVE By

Safety performance in the drilling industry is typically measured based on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) recordable injuries and the active rig years worked without an OSHA recordable injury, lost-time, or disabling injury. We view these metrics as lagging indicators to safety concerns, which can encourage the wrong behavior such as under reporting incidents. While we still track these metrics for regulatory purposes, we have enhanced our safety efforts using a prevention-based methodology called Actively C.A.R.E. (Control and Removal of Exposures).

Our employee safety program now focuses on SIFs, which places more emphasis on near misses and injury exposures, especially those with SIF potential. We believe it is important to take a more holistic and proactive approach to identify safety issues. By focusing on both actual and potential safety events, we use our SIF system to prevent serious injuries and fatalities as opposed to relying purely on incidents reported after they happen.

Our Safety Team of Teams

Oversight is key to our continued improvement on health and safety. Our Safety Leadership Team (“SLT”), with members from multiple departments and all business units, monitors data – on a weekly basis at minimum – along with employee feedback to refine our strategy and objectives related to safety.

The Safety Leadership Team works with three main groups that make up our safety pillars - boots on the ground ensuring the proper strategy is in place, evaluating tactics and providing face-to-face education to employees.

Safety Leadership Team

This team sets the strategic direction for the planning and implementation of the core HSE processes across the organization. They oversee the suitability and effectiveness of the HSE processes to control exposure for all H&P employees at the rigs and related worksites.

Dedicated HSE Staff

This group assists operations in the day-to-day execution of the core HSE processes in the business units, regions and rigs. It includes Regional Safety Directors, HSE Specialists, HSE Representatives and HSE Lead Investigators.

Training & Development Team

This team, that includes members from Human Relations, Organizational Development and H&P's Safety Leadership Coaches, provides education and training to employees aimed to reduce exposures and improve safety performance.

We maintain an emphasis on safety through mandated training programs that require all employees to complete a minimum of 26 hours of safety training each year. New field employees are required to complete 41 hours of training during their first year (26 RSMT sessions and 15 hours of New Employee Safety Training), and the training is focused on safety. In addition, H&P requires SSE training along with On-The-Job training because we believe this helps to positively reinforce our mission of controlling and removing SIF exposures. Compliance with multiple third-party safety programs also helps to ensure our efforts track industry benchmarks and take advantage of available resources. Third party certifications add value to the ways in which we manage our health and safety.

Safety Training Video

Advancements in Safety Technology

Technology empowers us to be more intentional in where we dedicate human expertise. Along with creating barriers between us and workplace exposures, it enables us to work more creatively in addressing critical challenges. Most importantly, these technologies help us Actively CARE for everyone on the rig site by Controlling And Removing Exposures.

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