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Failure Prevention Technology

Staging drilling setpoints after tagging bottom is often inconsistent and can cause drilling dysfunction. H&P transformed this common multi-step task into an automated and configurable process with FlexB2D® technology.

Now, with FlexB2D 2.0 operators can realize even more efficiencies than were available before. FlexB2D 2.0 technology performs automated zeroing of the weight-on-bit (WOB) and differential pressure setpoint and helps ensure proper contact with the formation. Automated, configurable, consistent bit engagement ultimately reduces BHA failures and decreases time to target.

2.0 Enhancements
  • Full stand control means you can return to bottom from any point during a stand after engaging bottom (sliding or rotating), improving back to bottom times and lessening exposure to manual bit engagement variances

  • Surveys on the fly decrease flat time/off bottom time spent waiting for surveys before drilling operations can resume

  • Off bottom RPM reduction automatically slows the top drive to help prevent harmful drillstring vibrations

  • Reduce Failures and Repairs

    • Lowers risk of damaging downhole tools by reengaging the bit in a controlled and repeatable manner

    • Reduces torsional and lateral vibration

    • Automated zeroing helps ensure accuracy and consistency

  • Lowers Operational Costs

    • Less costly bit and BHA issues

    • Improved consistency drives lower cost per foot

    • Avoid unplanned trips

  • Accelerates Well Programs

    • Automated staging to 9 operator defined drilling setpoints ensure consistent execution

    • Reduce transition times from connections to full drilling rates

  • Reduces Human Variability