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  • Well Planning

    3D visualization provides a better understanding of wellbore positions and its ellipsoids of uncertainty along with its proximity to nearby wells. Combined with the Collision Avoidance module, the software provides anti-collision calculations to minimize risk while optimizing well trajectory design.

  • Well Integrity

    The Casing Design module allows the user to optimize the well architecture, select casing sizes and grades, simulate loads, and calculate packer-tubing forces. The casing deformation and stand-off capability calculates casing stand-off as well as the reconstruction of cased-hole trajectory, due to the deformed casing in the wellbore.

  • BHA & Bit Analysis

    Our BHA & Bit Analysis modules provide quick and comprehensive 3D predictions of the directional behavior (build/drop rate, turn rate) of the BHA, allowing for optimal design and equipment selection to reduce failure rates.

  • Drillstring Modeling

    The Torque & Drag module is an advanced software solution based on stiff-string calculations that increase the success of drilling, casing and completion operations through the anticipation of critical mechanical loads. The Drillstring Fatigue Analysis simulates fatigue and stresses based on the well trajectory profile, drillstring description and operational history.

  • Drilling Dynamics

    The Vibration Modal Analysis module provides drillers with critical rotation speeds and weight-on-bit (WOB) to avoid decreasing BHA integrity. The Stick-Slip module's custom mitigation technique can help save significant drilling time and prevent costly failures when compared to the traditional mitigation methods.