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Helmerich & Payne: Drilling Rig Company Innovating the Energy Sector

Helmerich & Payne, Inc., founded in 1920, has established itself as a leading enterprise in the drilling industry, providing high-quality services to oil and gas exploration and production companies worldwide. Operating from their headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they offer innovative drilling solutions and have made significant strides in transforming the field through technological advancements. Their commitment to safety, reliability, and efficiency has earned them a strong reputation among energy sector stakeholders.

In recent years, Helmerich & Payne has notably embraced the evolution of autonomous drilling technology, focusing on enhancing the capabilities of their drilling services. This initiative reflects the company's forward-thinking approach in addressing the dynamic needs of their customers and adapting to the changing landscape of oil and gas production. Engaging in international and offshore drilling projects, Helmerich & Payne continues to expand their global footprint and impact.

The company recently secured a major contract to supply seven drilling rigs to Saudi Aramco, showcasing their ability to deploy state-of-the-art super-spec rigs and reinforcing their position as a trusted partner in the industry. This deal emphasizes Helmerich & Payne's persistent dedication to providing valuable services and underlines their influence in shaping the future of energy exploration and drilling practices.

Company Overview

Helmerich & Payne, Inc. is a prominent drilling and technology company, with its headquarters located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for 60 years. Known for its innovation and reliability in the drilling sector, H&P plays a key role in oil and gas exploration and production services globally.

Founded in 1920, Helmerich & Payne has established itself as an industry leader with a strong foundation in the drilling business for over a century. The company's expansion has spanned various continents, including operations in Latin America, the Middle East, and Australia, secured by a legacy of efficiency and technological advancements. Their significant milestones include the development of the first AC drilling rig, which sets them apart as innovators within the industry.


Helmerich & Payne is led by John Lindsay, who serves as the President and CEO. With his leadership, the company has continued to prioritize technological innovation, underlining H&P's commitment to sustainability and operational excellence. Lindsay's strategic direction for H&P reinforces the company's reputation and its longstanding relationship with its clients, consistently driving Helmerich & Payne's reputation forward as a trusted partner within the energy sector.

Technological Innovation and Services

Helmerich & Payne (H&P) exhibits a proven track record in pioneering technological advancements in the oil and gas drilling industry. The integration of these innovations into their services showcases their commitment to efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship.

Drilling Solutions

H&P's approach to drilling solutions hinges on the integration of their FlexRig® fleet and H&P Technologies. The company's advanced Super-Spec Rig design paired with custom-tailored drilling solutions offer operators industry-leading performance and precision.

FlexRig Fleet - Helmerich & Payne

AI and Automation

Through the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, Helmerich & Payne significantly enhances the drilling process. The company employs cutting-edge automation software which contributes to achieving superior consistency and safety in operations. Their technological forefront is where AI complements human expertise, leading to smarter, more efficient drilling operations.

Safety and Sustainability

Safety is embedded deeply in H&P's operational fabric, where innovative technology serves to safeguard the workforce and the environment. Sustainability becomes more than a concept; it is operationalized through the design and use of equipment like the FlexRig® fleet that are built to minimize environmental impact while maximizing safety. Helmerich & Payne's commitment extends beyond mere compliance, aiming to set new industry benchmarks in responsible drilling.

Strategic Operative Segments

Helmerich & Payne, Inc. (H&P) has strategically partitioned its operations into main segments to maintain efficiency and promote growth in both domestic and international markets. These segments leverage the company's expertise in advanced drilling technologies and services to adapt to the diverse demands of the energy sector.

U.S. Drilling

In the United States, H&P has established itself as a market leader with a significant presence in all major onshore basins. The company's U.S. Drilling segment employs state-of-the-art Directional Drilling and Survey Management techniques to deliver efficient and reliable Oilfield Services. This dominance is underscored by its innovative solutions in unconventional drilling, which are essential for maximizing oil and gas production.

Drilling Rig Company | Helmerich & Payne

International Growth

H&P's International Growth is characterized by its strategic expansion in prolific markets including the Middle East, where it collaborates with top entities such as Saudi Aramco

and ADNOC. The company notably secured a Rig Tender Award with ADNOC Drilling Company, a subsidiary listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, underlining H&P's commitment to contributing to the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) growth plans. This international segment demonstrates H&P's ability to expand its drilling expertise, positioning itself as an integral partner in the global energy landscape.

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