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Terri and Christian | Odessa, TX

Terri P. and Christian H.
Terri and Christian at a Buffalo Bills game.

Terri lived around the energy industry all her life. Born and raised in West Texas, she understood the unique opportunities working in the oil field presented, and so in 2017 when she was experiencing a difficult time finding a good career, she turned to H&P.

“Back when my kids were small, I was a single mom for a while and it was tough finding a good job with good income that would still allow me to be with my kids," Terri says. "My entire family has been blessed since I’ve been with H&P.”

Terri’s son, Cristian, started working in the Odessa warehouse in 2018, and after returning from college two years later, was able to get a job in the rig-up yard.

Cristian says he owes his work ethic to watching his mother, who taught him to never give up on his dreams and to know the worth in his work and presence.

“She taught me that nothing’s impossible. I wouldn’t say she’s one to speak a lot of words, but she definitely sets an example, and I deeply appreciate everything she has taught me. I hope I can be even half as great of a parent as she has always been.”

Storri and Craigan | Houston, TX

Storri W. and Craigan W.
Storri and Craigan at Craigan's college graduation.

Senior International Bid and Contract Analyst, Storri, began her journey at H&P as a secretary in 1998. A single mom of two young boys at the time, Storri was eager to find a job that would help her provide a stable life for her family, one she believed her sons deserved. What she found at H&P turned out to be much more than just that. By becoming part of H&P, Storri found a second family, a career she loved and what would eventually also be a launching pad for her son’s career just a few years later.

Director of Construction and Assembly, Craigan, was 11 years old when his mom joined the H&P family, and while he remembers watching as Storri’s determination and resilience throughout the years led to promotions and new opportunities for her within the company, what he remembers most is his mother’s happiness.

“When she started working for H&P, it felt like it was the first job I remember her really enjoying,” says Craigan. “She seemed happy, which is always a good thing to recognize when you look at your parents.”

Today, Storri cannot hide the pride she has in her son’s character and accomplishments, and both remember Craigan’s college graduation as their favorite memory of one another.

“I’m thankful to my mom for teaching me the value of hard work,” says Craigan, “If you want something, you have to go out and get it, and I learned a lot of that from her.”