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In 2023, Enterprise magazine celebrates its 40th anniversary. Although H&P had been publishing a corporate magazine since the 1960s, it officially adopted the name Enterprise in 1983.

In the 1983 "Letter from the President," Walter Hugo Helmerich III conveyed, "Webster’s Dictionary defines enterprise as a certain ‘willingness and energy to carry on an important undertaking.’ The enterprising spirit that this Company was founded on 63 years ago continues to be the backbone of our success."

The magazine showcases the evolution of Enterprise, which has been a beacon of corporate insights since its inception. From the gripping narratives of H&P leaders to celebrating community relations, each page reflects the enterprising spirit that has become synonymous with the magazine's name. Inside the pages of the anniversary edition, readers are treated to a collection of thought-provoking articles, baby and graduate photos and a list of Service Award recipients.