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Army Prepared Veteran for Future Career at H&P

Michael Amorin, well control tech at H&P
Michael during his time in the Army.

June 14 is not only Flag Day, but it is also the Army’s 247th birthday. Michael Amorin, well control technician at H&P, currently serves in the reserves and was in the Army for eight years before transferring to the Air National Guard.

Michael enlisted in the Army when he was 18 years old because he wanted to become a pilot.

“I wanted to be a pilot in the Marines because my dad was in the Marines,” he said. “I had always been interested in aviation.”

Ultimately, Michael enlisted in the Army to gain experience as a mechanic. “I worked on helicopters full time as a crew chief mechanic and flight engineer,” Michael told us. He switched to the Air National Guard last year to be home more for his now two-year-old son, Myles, who Michael describes as "a ball of joy."

Michael now works on aerospace propulsion engines when he isn’t going on work trips in the guard or working on rigs in West Texas.

“If it wasn’t for the military, I wouldn’t have gotten most of the jobs I have had,” he said. “I wouldn’t have been in the same stage of my life or position … The military training was a stepping stone, among others, to me getting this job.”

Michael's Journey to Well Control Technician at H&P

Michael’s experience working on heavy equipment in the Army helped him get his job at H&P. He first applied to be a rig mechanic but got a phone call from a recruiter after being hired telling him that he was overqualified for the position. He was offered the well control technician position.

As Actively C.A.R.E is a core value for H&P, safety was always a top priority for Michael while in the Army as well.

“I’ll never forget when they [H&P] asked me, ‘what does safety mean to you?’ Because it is a big portion of what we do,” he said. “You want everyone to go home to their families. Safety and Actively C.A.R.E. is simply how people should act and do their jobs.”

Celebrating our Military Personnel

Today and every day we honor the veterans we have at H&P, such as Michael, and their contributions to our company and our country. Thank you.