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Editor's note: This article first appeared in the 2022 ADIPEC dailies, Day 1 and has been adapted for North American readers.

Helmerich & Payne, the global leader in drilling rigs and technology, is expanding its partnerships in the Middle East with a customized Flex3 rig. This updated design, the newest addition to the industry standard FlexRig fleet, is uniquely enhanced for mobility and agility in Middle East terrain, without compromising unconventional pad drilling that advanced drilling programs require.

Unlike most conventional rigs, this Flex3 walking rig is a side saddle configuration to reduce flat time during common rig activities such as drilling, pad to pad rig moves and well to well rig walks. It was thoughtfully designed with environmental stewardship and safety in mind.

A hookload of 1,000,000 pounds, a 720,000-pound setback capacity, and the capacity to set almost 24,000ft of 5 ½-inch drillpipe in the racking board, equips the rig for highly complex lateral wells. Its walking capability offers the flexibility of 500ft in a straight line, or multiple rows within a 200 x 50 ft box. A patented H&P BoomBox removes the need to break electrical connections during walks, allowing the rig to stay energized continuously. Complex connections are reduced and rig-up time is minimized through the substructure-mounted choke manifold, mud gas separator, trip tanks and pump back tank.

The condensed box-on-box substructure of the Flex3 reduces the number of rig move loads, allowing for an efficient rig down and rig up. No cranes are needed to move the rig’s backyard skids, including the engines, mud pumps and mud tanks. Furthermore, the mast, raised and lowered hydraulically, contains an integrated block and top drive that does not need to be removed.

Founded in 1920, Helmerich & Payne, Inc. is committed to delivering industry leading drilling productivity and reliability. H&P operates with the highest level of integrity, safety and innovation to deliver superior results for its customers and returns for shareholders. In the past 25 years, H&P has designed, built and delivered more than 350 rigs to the global drilling market. Since 2014, it has drilled more than 25,000 wells across the world, with a current 1.1% total fleet downtime average.

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