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Finding motivation in trying times.

Shane Marchand, VP of Executive Accounts and Industry Affairs
Shane at H&P's Houston office.

Vice President of Executive Accounts and Industry Affairs, Shane Marchand, has watched H&P morph and adapt to meet industry challenges and opportunities during his H&P Journey, and enjoys asking the question “how can I help with the company’s re-evolution?”

In his 26 years at H&P, Shane has watched H&P’s growth all around him. He’s seen the company expand from having 27 US land rigs to more than quadruple that nationally and internationally, and subsequently open several offices with entirely new operations crews and management teams in order to meet these rising industry demands. Shane considers the opportunity to build on the brand and image of H&P a blessing and is proud to be a part of the company’s effort toward bettering the image of the energy industry as a whole.

“I was on my first rig at eight years old and immediately knew I wanted to work in this industry,” Shane recalls. “When I started roughnecking in college, it was a dream come true for me.”

Shane’s experiences on his first rig led him to start his journey with H&P as a floorhand in West Texas on Rig 110 after college, where he gratefully remembers the supervisors and older co-workers who took an active interest in helping him develop within his career, as a potential leader and even as a father. For him, having the support of mentors and managers was one of the biggest advantages he’s had in his H&P Journey and believes that this culture of leadership, mentorship and humility within H&P is what continually sets the company apart, and what is needed to lead the entire industry into a sustainable future.

“H&P has always been cutting edge in moving the industry into more efficient ways of doing business,” says Shane. “But two of H&P’s most underrated strengths are our hiring and development efforts. We hire great people and help them succeed.”

Working alongside great people and having trust in H&P’s leadership is what Shane believes has made the challenges the company has faced during more recent transitions and difficulties worthwhile, and he finds motivation from watching the company come together in trying circumstances to move forward. He describes the highlights of his career as too many to count because he has been able to learn from the younger engineers in the company just as much as he has mentored them, and because he works in an industry that has some of the best people in the world doing very important work.

“We’re helping bring efficient and reliable energy to homes, businesses and families,” He says “The people of this industry, the work we are doing is very good, so important and incredibly necessary.”