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Robert Ream brings military discipline to his role as Director of Global Security and Administration.

Robert (Rob) Ream - Proud Baylor grad, US Coast Guard and H&P director
Rob's a proud retired US Coast Guard, Baylor alum and H&P team member.

Director of Global Security and Administration is a complex and challenging job in normal circumstances, but during a global pandemic? You want someone like Robert Ream on the job.

“I had only been with H&P for six months when we started tracking COVID-19,” says Rob. “It fell on me in my role with Crisis Management to assemble a team of multiple disciplines to serve the company. We were meeting constantly to discuss how to respond with the full range of policy and practical solutions.” Practicality in a crisis comes naturally to Rob, who spent more than 20 years in the US Coast Guard before retiring at the rank of Commander. Besides helping lead our team on pandemic preparedness, Rob handles the day-to-day complexities of monitoring the security of H&P’s global footprint of people and assets. It’s a demanding job, but Ream makes it look easy, thanks to his natural leadership skills and unflappable determination to create working solutions for difficult challenges.

“The biggest challenge with COVID-19 was the moving target,” says Rob. “You get a solution in place for problems today, then two weeks later it’s completely different. But with strong support from Leadership, we’ve stayed agile and pragmatic, not only for the safety of our people but also for ensuring business continuity. How do you keep the business running while looking after our folks in a dynamic environment? I’m really proud of how our team and company has responded and continues to do so today.”

Rob spent the majority of his career in the military, though his roots in the oil and gas industry run deep. He was born in West Texas, but grew up overseas, where his father worked in the international oil and gas industry for 40 years.

“I’m second generation and proud of it,” says Rob. “So what excites me about H&P is our long history of drilling excellence, but also that we’re moving into the 21st century with cutting edge technology.”