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Michael and his wife at a Marine Corps event.

From the moment Michael McKethan walked through H&P’s doors in 2017, he already felt as if he were a part of a team.

“That’s the culture at H&P,” he said. “It’s all about working on and within a team, and you don’t need to be the boss to be the leader. H&P operates like a family of problem-solvers who are all willing to do our part to execute the plan.”

Michael celebrated five years with H&P this October, and although to him this just barely scratches the surface of everything he would like to accomplish within the company, the anniversary marks a monumental transition in his life.

“I got out of the Marines on May 31, 2012, so just over a decade now,” he said. “I’ve been with H&P for half of that time, and I can’t say enough good things about this company or what it means to my family and me.”

Michael served in the Marine Corps for eight years, and as an infantry platoon sergeant, he was in charge of ensuring his unit was focused on the mission at hand and had everything they needed to get the job done successfully. Michael sees his current role as a Senior Sourcing Analyst handling supply chain logistics and vendor partnerships through a similar lens, and as far as he is concerned, failure is not an option.

“It’s all about accomplishing the mission, and for me, that means making sure the field has what they need when they need it and at a competitive price for the company.”
Michael claims that he was initially drawn to the company because of H&P’s remarkable reputation in the industry, and he credits the company’s values, such as H&P’s actively C.A.R.E goals, for helping him rebalance his internal scale and grow in ways he didn’t believe possible. For this very reason, Michael makes it his mission to recommend H&P to veterans and anyone he knows that is transitioning out of military active duty.

“I did 585 consecutive combat patrols while I was in the Marines, and deployments can take a toll on you mentally,” he said. “Veterans thrive on structure and teamwork, and I can’t think of a better organization to join after getting out of the military than H&P.”

In looking at what the future holds, Michael, hopes to explore every opportunity available and someday eventually retire with H&P.

“I joined the Marine Corps because they’re considered the best of the best, and that’s the very same reason I wanted on with H&P. There is no better branch of service in the U.S. military than the Marine Corps, and there’s no other drilling contractor in the world that’s better than H&P.”