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From the U.S. Navy to H&P, Kathryn Watson has charted a fascinating course for her career.

Kathryn Watson, Senior Intelligence Analyst at H&P
Kathryn W. works at her office in Tulsa, OK.

“Just doing my stuff,” laughs Kathryn Watson, casually describing her career before joining H&P two years ago as a Senior Intelligence Analyst. In addition to her numerous skills, Watson obviously has a gift for understatement.

Watson served in the U.S. Navy for ten years, both on ships and as an intelligence officer. She then worked at a major oil and gas operator in West Texas and Kansas, before moving to Law Enforcement, working on crimes related to the energy industry. Now she brings all of that experience and preparation to her new career with us.

“There are a lot of similarities between the military and the oil field,” says Watson. “There’s a sense of mission and putting mission before anything else. Making sure the rig is running and doing all the things we have to do to make that happen. It’s servant leadership, and putting the group before yourself.”

Watson’s “service-first” philosophy serves her well in her position. As Senior Intelligence Analyst, Watson monitors world events that could affect our travelers. Her intelligence work involves knowing the political events, natural disasters and pandemic situations shaping the areas where we operate and getting that information to employees before they travel so they can have a safe and productive trip.

“I like to be part of the solution,” says Watson. “I’m not an engineer. I don’t know how to drill a well. But I know how to help the people who do know how to accomplish those jobs, as well as everyone else in this company.”

With thousands of employees working across the globe, Watson estimates there are at least a couple hundred people traveling every day, whether that’s domestically or overseas. However, she says the number of travelers was higher before COVID-19.

“As we put more rigs to work, more people are out and about again,” says Watson. “Our international footprint is expanding, in places where we’re already established, as well as in new markets as we get new business.”

Whatever the future holds for H&P and our global operations, we feel confident having experienced, service-driven employees like Watson at the helm.

“Personally for me, it’s very rewarding to know we’re keeping people safe,” says Watson. “We have a responsibility to our employees. To make sure they have all the tools and capabilities they need to do their job. I’m proud to be a part of that process.”