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In the face of adversity, Kane Ramasamy leans into new challenges.

Kane Ramasamy, director of applications and information management at H&P in Tulsa, OK.
Kane R. at his office in Tulsa, OK.

“I don’t see problems as ‘This is going to be difficult. I don’t know how I’m going to do this,’” Kane explains, “It’s more like ‘Let’s give it a try and see how far we can go.’ And with the support of everyone around me, it just makes it easier to pick up those challenges.”

Kane is quick to thank the leaders and culture at H&P for contributing to this positive mindset, crediting his success within the company to the confidence leaders and team members have had in him and the support and training that is a hallmark of H&P.

His willingness to try new things is what pushed Kane from the comforts of working in tech at a Fortune 500 company to jumping into the energy industry after he received a call from an old colleague who was working for H&P at the time.

“I wasn’t looking for a job,” Kane says, “I had heard about the company, but I really didn’t know what they did or what they were all about.”

Taking the offer meant leaving a safe, comfortable, but admittedly boring job of seven years, which had allowed Kane to work from home. He was hesitant at first but encouragement from his wife led him to take the final leap of faith.

That was eight years and two months ago, and to this day, Kane proudly admits that he wakes up excited to go to work on Monday mornings.

When asked about his favorite part of being Director of Applications and Information Management, Kane says it’s the ability to solve problems for the company and his peers, and feeling empowered to ask ‘what can I do to make this better,’ knowing that the inclusive culture at H&P allows all employees to contribute ideas and be part of the solutions they want to see.

Kane leads his team in managing the company’s enterprise customer applications and software development, a role he has enjoyed for four and a half years and a leadership position that he didn’t consider himself fit for when he first began his journey with H&P.

“Before working at H&P, nobody really encouraged me to take on a leadership role. I always thought ‘I’m good at this one thing, and it is the only thing I can do.’ But after starting my journey here, I discovered another part of me that I had never tapped into until I came to H&P. For my family, that is the biggest impact they have seen.”