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In the heart of Louisiana, Jerel Brown's journey through the oil and gas industry began, shaped by his passion for mechanical engineering and an unyielding determination. Last month, he stepped into the world of international operations, marking another milestone in a career that saw him traverse different districts and offshore operations.

“I always had a fascination with the oil and gas industry, but it was that career fair in the fall of 2011 that really ignited my passion to pursue it as a career,” he said. “It's been quite a journey since then.”

Brown's connection with the oil and gas sector began as a young child when he would watch his father head off to work on offshore rigs. The turning point came at a career fair, where he was introduced to the intricacies of the industry. He graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2014 with a degree in mechanical engineering.

In 2012, he broke out on Rig 356 in East Texas as a floorhand intern. His second internship was with the Enterprise Asset Management (formerly RAMS) group. Here, he delved into analyzing rig fleet downtime, identifying trends that would shape operational efficiency. Post-graduation, he embraced the role of an engineer trainee shadowing Warren Hubler and learning about the nuances of Flex3 rigs on Rig 627 in Catarina, Texas.

He returned to Tulsa in 2015 as a project engineer for the sustaining engineering group, he remained a project engineer as he moved to the Houston construction group and then became an administrator in Houston. His venture into offshore drilling as an operations engineer in 2020 presented him with a whole new world, where bigger equipment, complex completions and helicopter flights were the norm.

“Being an engineer at H&P offers a unique blend of freedom and creativity,” he said. “I've been able to explore my ideas and solutions, and that's been a truly enriching part of my journey.”

In his new adventure as a senior project engineer in the international engineering support group, Brown's role revolves around projects that hold global significance. This new role marks a shift from his three and a half years in offshore operations, a transition that brings a learning curve.

“Diversifying my experiences has been my approach from the beginning,” he added. “I never imagined it would lead me to where I am today but embracing different aspects of the industry has shaped my journey in unexpected yet fulfilling ways.”

From the pines of Louisiana to the heights of offshore platforms and now onto the international stage, Brown continues to explore excellence at H&P.

“The industry is evolving rapidly,” he added. “What I learned in college and what I knew when I started working in offshore operations, have undergone significant changes. Adapting and learning anew is a constant part of being in this field.”

Due to the rapidly evolving industry, he advises new engineers to see what H&P has to offer.

“My advice to aspiring engineers is to dive in, especially if you're drawn to H&P,” Brown said. “The opportunities for growth here are immense. Starting on the rigs can open doors you never imagined, and the company's support for its employees is truly commendable.”

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