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This HR Coordinator brings a high level of detail and a service attitude to work, every day.

Jennifer Behrens, HR Coordinator Sr. at H&P
Jennifer processes the training certifications, paperwork and OSHA topics for new rig employees.

The sheer volume of employees working on the rigs at H&P is not lost on Jennifer. In fact, she and her colleague process all their training certifications, paperwork and OSHA topics, as well as booking required training courses with outside vendors. And it’s no small feat either.

“We can have hundreds of new hires on our rigs per month,” said Jennifer. “Each new employee has about 47 lines of training that gets entered on their record as well as several certifications that are issued. All of this needs to be entered as quickly as possible.”

It’s a role that requires a high level of detail but more importantly, a service attitude. “Even though it’s a lot of work, I just want to come in and help take care of our people,” Jennifer said. “We try to make sure that everything is accurate and in there when they need it.”

Taking care of each other is something that Jennifer feels permeates throughout the H&P culture. While everyone is certainly here to fill an important role and put in the work to help move the company forward, there’s still a strong sense of family and camaraderie that makes working at H&P special.

“About four years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Jennifer shared. “And everyone was just so supportive. When I went for my first round of chemo, there was a huge group of people there cheering me on. They all came back to be there for me when I finished chemo and got to ring the bell. Everyone just took good care of me.” No matter where people are working either on the rigs, at the office or remotely, Jennifer knows those personal connections are still there. Everyone is still working towards a shared goal and supporting one another.

“There’s just a lot of great people at H&P.”