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From the baseball field to the oil fields, Jared Schlehuber is embracing a new position at H&P. An out-of-left-field career move, former professional baseball player turned area scout, Schlehuber has stepped up to bat for drilling titan H&P. Schlehuber, who grew up in Aurora, Colorado, played college baseball at Oral Roberts University, before playing for minor league baseball teams.

After playing professionally for five years, he transitioned into scouting, before moving back to Tulsa. With a desire to stay in the Tulsa area, he started exploring career options that would allow him to spend more time with his family. Today, he is embracing a new industry, oil and gas.

“Being a dad is a game-changer, and I wanted to be there for my daughter's growth and milestones,” Schlehuber said.

Mark Drescher, a friend of Schlehuber's wife and senior manager of strategic negotiations and pricing at H&P, mentioned a job opening at the company. Schlehuber decided to step up to the plate. After accepting the position, he was amazed to learn about the intricate processes involved in drilling wells two miles and beyond below the surface.

“When Mark told me about the position, I was intrigued, even though I knew next to nothing about the oil and gas industry. The technology and scale of operations were mind-boggling,” Schlehuber admitted.

In his role, as a sales development specialist in business development, Schlehuber examines new drilling permits and focuses on reaching out to smaller, lesser-known operators who are planning drilling operations. This information is then passed on to account managers to establish new business relationships. Despite the differences, he continues to find parallels between his current role and his previous career in baseball scouting.

"Just as I scouted for the best baseball players from around the world, I now seek out the best operators to potentially run an H&P rig. It is about being proactive and aggressive in identifying new opportunities," he explained.

Schlehuber is grateful for the supportive atmosphere at H&P, where colleagues are willing to help him adapt to the new industry and answer his questions. He appreciates the scale and collaboration involved in the oil and gas sector, with various teams working together to achieve common goals.

Although Schlehuber has left his baseball career behind, he occasionally returns to the ballpark, this time as a spectator. He recently threw out the first pitch at the Tulsa Drillers game over Labor Day weekend. After the first pitch, he was able to relax and watch the game with his family, relishing the opportunity to share such moments with his loved ones.

By keeping his eye on the ball, Schlehuber helps H&P improve lives through efficient and responsible energy.

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