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In August 2006, a young petroleum engineer, Hernan Rodriguez, embarked on a journey with H&P in Colombia, marking the beginning of his ascent from a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) clerk to the role of drilling superintendent.

"I stumbled upon H&P during my university days while researching drilling companies worldwide. H&P quickly became my second home, especially with the birth of the FlexRig® fleet, fueling my dream of becoming a driller on a FlexRig," Hernán reminisced.

Breaking out on Rig 133 in Yopal, Casanare, Hernán began his career as an HSE clerk. “I started from the ground up, learning the ropes of safety and environment aspects. Little did I know it was just the beginning of an incredible journey,” he noted.

"In each titular rig position, from floorhand to derrickhand, driller to tower pusher and rig manager across various locations, I learned the ropes and grew both professionally and personally," Hernán shared.

In 2015, he moved to an offshore engineering role at Jade Plataform in E.G, which expanded his horizons. When he returned to Colombia as a rig manager on a FlexRig 3, he saw the bigger picture of the industry. Driven by a commitment to growth, Hernán embraced the challenge of becoming a drilling superintendent.

“I acquired new skills and delved into business development. After strategic planning with the Colombia management team, we successfully brought three rigs back to work in 2022,” he stated. “Becoming the drilling superintendent of Rig 133, where I started on has been an honor. I lead my crew in daily drilling operations, promote the H&P culture, plan preventive maintenance, optimize drilling performance, strategize rig moves, control costs and conduct team training.”

Working on the rig, living H&P’s safety culture and listening to innovative ideas are all aspects Hernán truly enjoys.

Describing what he loves about H&P, Hernán highlighted, "New challenges and competition. We are the new generation striving every day to elevate the company, embracing corporate thinking for new business opportunities based on cutting-edge technologies."

Reflecting on why he stays at H&P, Hernán mentioned that H&P’s values make him feel at home.

“H&P provides all the tools and support needed for project execution,” for those considering H&P as an employer, Hernán advised. “It's a company that Actively C.A.R.E.s about its employees and safety. How far you want to go is up to you.”

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