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Driller Dusty Page works hard for his family, both on and off the rig.

Dusty Page, Driller at Helmerich & Payne based in Tulsa, OK.
Dusty P. in his driller's cabin in Grady, OK.

“I’m literally with this team more than I’m with my actual family, so they feel like family,” says Dusty Page. “I work with them for 12 hours a day and then I go into the same bunk house with them for the other 12 hours of the day, so you get attached.”

While his coworkers are like a second family, Dusty is most grateful to Helmerich & Payne because it allows him to provide for family back home.

“My main driver is my family,” says Dusty. “H&P gives me the opportunity to take care of them.”

Dusty has worked with H&P for five years, though he has been in the industry since 2005. His father-in-law was a Toolpusher and a family friend got Dusty his first job on a rig.

Having worked on numerous drilling rigs in his career, Dusty says he is most impressed by H&P’s commitment to two of its pillars: Actively C.A.R.E. and Innovation Spirit.

“The commitment to safety here is above and beyond any other company I’ve worked for. We take it to the next level,” says Dusty. “Also, the equipment is awesome. It makes the job a lot easier and drilling more efficient.”

While H&P’s technology is second-to-none, what’s even more important than the equipment is the people running it. Dusty says he can feel that and appreciates the sense of support coming from all levels of the company.

“Being a mentor to somebody is important to me,” says Dusty. “Training them to work how you want them to work, in your image, especially if you’re a good worker, you know that they’ll train and mentor the ones under them in the same way. Pretty soon you’ll have a whole crew with that kind of drive.”