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From contractor to Facilities Supervisor in five years, Bryanna has found her home at H&P.

Bryanna Galvan, Facilities Supervisor, H&P Corporate offices in Tulsa, OK
Bryanna G. in the facilities office at H&P.

“I enjoyed temp work. I never felt like I wanted a career,” Bryanna shared. That all changed when she came to work at H&P, though. It wasn’t necessarily the task at hand but a person who changed her mind. Her first supervisor, in fact.

“I was a contractor,” Bryanna said. “I started as an office services assistant and my manager looked at me and said, ‘I see you going so far, maybe not with this company but just in general, I see you being a successful person. You’re going places and I’m going to make things happen for you.’”

And she did. Within two months, Bryanna was a full-time employee and has never looked back.

While that boost of encouragement clearly set her on a different path than she had anticipated, it’s the work culture that has kept her moving forward in lockstep with H&P.

“I’m just passionate about the company itself,” Bryanna smiled. “This is the first company where I’ve felt like we’re a family. They treat you like one of their own. Having that close-knit relationship with your coworkers just makes the experience working here even more rewarding.”

Bryanna feels that H&P’s focus on family also extends to her actual family, too. So much so that her young kids even talk about wanting to work at H&P.

“One of my favorite memories is when H&P hosted a company picnic at the Tulsa Zoo,” said Bryanna. “They made it very family friendly. They wanted you to bring your family, to meet your kids. Having John Lindsay interact with my seven- and three-year-old was just a great experience. They still talk about it and want to work here now.”

H&P’s down-to-earth leadership has also made an impact on Bryanna as the company faced the challenges and changes brought about by the pandemic. It gives her confidence in the company’s future.

“They took on a lot during the shift in atmosphere and operations because of the pandemic,” she said. “They went over and above all expectations. And I’m excited to see what the future holds for H&P.”