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From Kuwait to Louisiana and finally, to Denver, Ahmed Mansour has been following his passion for engineering around the world. Finding solutions to problems has always been a challenge he enjoyed. Before starting at H&P, most of his life was centered on academic research.

Ahmed in the Denver office

“There is no way I will ever know everything but, in my mind, if I have the opportunity to learn something new then I will always go for it because it will continue to help me grow and solve problems later on,” he said.

He earned a bachelor’s in petroleum engineering from Louisiana State University and immediately after he got a master’s degree in petroleum engineering. He also earned a master’s in mechanical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

“I’m interested in finding different ways in how to automate drilling through sensors and data,” he said. “The goal is to keep operations as cheap as possible while enhancing the outcomes and making it safer for everyone involved.” Most recently, he completed his Ph.D. in petroleum engineering with a specialty in drilling engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. When he graduated in December 2021, he came across a job posting at H&P in the survey management team. He started at H&P in February of 2022. He is now a remote operations engineer based in the Denver office.

“Drilling operations itself is very mysterious and there are a lot of factors that contribute to successful operations,” he said. “It is really fun to figure out different ways to solve issues especially since it’s a lot harder because it’s mainly mechanical and we don’t easily see what we are doing underground."

Despite spending a lot of time in classrooms, Mansour has had many different internships in the oil and gas industry.

Mansour is Egyptian and lived in Kuwait before moving to the U.S. in 2012. He completed two internships while earning his bachelor’s degree. He interned for both Kuwait Oil Company and Schlumberger where learned about the different sides to drilling including Logging While Drilling (LWD) and Measurement While Drilling (MWD).

After he earned his first master’s degree, he was a drilling consultant and helped a company design a product to help with lost circulation. This was around the time he started specializing in drilling operations in 2015.

He also completed an internship as a drilling and completions engineering intern with Fervo Energy. H&P has recently invested in the geothermal company. During that internship he assisted with operations on site and was able to witness all aspects of drilling.

Today, at H&P he appreciates the friendly environment where innovation is a huge part of his day-to-day duties.

“I have been working with the research team in Denver to find more innovative ways to utilize H&P’s software during operations,” he said. “I’m constantly looking at opportunities to add more value to our products and satisfy customers.”

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