People Ready

The best crews are hard to find, and at H&P we are proud to have them. We recruit to ramp up, retain to be able to readily deploy talent, and we do it without compromising existing operations.

With the largest US employee base, our referral program stays healthy with recommendations from the crew members who know talent. But beyond word of mouth, H&P has a centralized recruiting program that identifies and screens top talent across the US before onboarding them in a seamless process.

Drilling safely and efficiently starts with our people, which is why H&P recruits, trains, and takes measures to retain in order to help ensure that our workforce is set up to help our customers achieve better drilling outcomes.

Rig Ready

Worried about NPT with a rig out of stack? We’re not. We have the largest standardized super spec fleet and they are ready to go.

  • Performance?

    Our downtime average is 1%.

  • Results?

    In West Texas over the last 4 years, H&P’s average spud to spud time is 5 days faster than anyone else.

Get the FlexRig® Fleet Fact Sheet to see all the specifications.

Automation Ready

After two years of limited drilling operations, the industry has a skill set shortage. With fewer experienced directional drillers available, automation helps provide consistent and repeatable results out of the gate.

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Increased safety and reduced health risks

  • Reduced human variability

  • Efficiency and predictability

Get the Drilling Engineering Fact Sheet to see all the specifications.
  • Bit guidance system

    Enhance wellbore quality while minimizing economic impact

  • AutoSlide® Technology

    Simultaneous, Accurate Slide Execution

  • AutoDriller pro

    Smooth drilling for higher ROP and improved tool reliability

  • Flextorque® Technology

    Proactive stick slip mitigation

  • Flexb2d® Technology

    Consistent bit and BHA engagement

  • Flexoscillator® Technology

    Reduced friction for faster drilling

  • FlexDrill® Technology

    Optimize rotary setpoints for increased ROP