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Helmerich & Payne is a prominent onshore drilling and technology company. We are known for our signature FlexRig® fleet, consistent efficiency gains, and uncompromising commitment to safety and sustainability. For operators around the globe, we help deliver better drilling outcomes.

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We Perform Efficiently. We Execute Safely. We Deliver Better Drilling Outcomes.

We put the Super in Super-Spec

  • Achieve walking speeds of 30.5 meters per hour without moving the backyard
  • 150+ meters bi-directional walking capabilities
  • 1 hour average of well-to-well rig walks
  • Uniform rig design allows H&P to adapt to markets while keeping overhead & inventory levels low and without affecting performance.

No More...

  • Excessive rig move loads: rig down and rig up is made easier with the condensed box-on-box substructure
  • Disconnecting hard lines during rig moves: keep existing connections through the use of flexible flowlines
  • Breaking electrical connections during walks: the patented H&P BoomBox allows the rig to stay energized continuously
  • Crane usage to move the rig’s backyard skids: reduce dropped object exposure while transporting engines, mud pumps, and mud tanks
  • Removing the block and top drive: integration enables this equipment to be raised and lowered hydraulically on the mast.

Sustainability by Design

H&P is committed to improving lives through efficient and responsible energy.

With more than 100 years of innovation under our belts, we are uniquely positioned to assist in the enablement of energy production in an efficient and responsible manner to the benefit of people across the globe.

We believe access to energy is fundamental to sustaining and improving the quality of all lives. At the same time, we are fortunate that our role in the energy value chain positions us to meaningfully impact the efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility with which energy is sourced.

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Technology that Delivers

  • Bit Guidance System has drilled more than 2K wells to date > 38M feet
  • Autodriller Pro has helped increase ROP by 13%
  • H&P Survey Management corrects more than 1,800 surveys per day in real-time

Mechanization. Automation. Robotics. AI.

Field-proven solutions backed by experience

By establishing your intended outcome from the start, we are able to uniquely combine a suite of integrated technologies, designing a customized drilling approach—one that not only achieves the outcome but improves on it.

From advanced engineering software to autonomous directional drilling and wellbore placement, H&P is equipped to deliver industry-leading rigs and has field-proven oil and gas technologies to optimize drilling performance.


One webpage can't convey all the benefits you will have from working with H&P. If you want more information about how we can help you achieve better drilling outcomes, contact our sales team today.

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    Experience Consistent Efficiency Gains & Accelerate Your Production

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    FlexRig® Fleet Fact Sheet

    Download the fact sheet to find technical specifications & performance benefits of the Helmerich & Payne FlexRig® Fleet.

    Autodriller Pro E-Brochure

    Explore how Autodriller Pro enables smooth drilling with less human variability to operators all over the world.

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    Who Is Helmerich & Payne?

    One of the largest and longest operating onshore drilling and technology companies in the world, known for our signature FlexRig® fleet, unmatched efficiency gains, and uncompromising commitment to SAFETY and SUSTAINABILITY.

    Not All Rigs Are Created Equal.

    The newest FlexRig® fleet design, Flex3W Arabia, offers configurations to deliver more power, more finesse, and greater mobility to match the unique demands of Middle East operations.

    Improving Lives Through Affordable & Responsible Energy

    Each year we set both safety and sustainability goals to keep us pushing towards a better outcome.