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Performance-based contracts align H&P’s success with customer success.

For more than 100 years, Helmerich & Payne has led the drilling industry through foresight, innovation and follow through. We have continually led the way in what we deliver with our products and people—like our latest autonomous solutions and our team of experts ready to deploy them across the world.

The next phase in our evolution as a service provider revolves around the promise of the solutions we deploy. To ensure our partners get the best service from H&P and maximize results to the best of their ability and ours, we’re introducing performance-based contracts—an approach that directly connects our compensation with the well quality, operational efficiency and value creation we deliver.

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    Reduce risk

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    Drive efficiency

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    Increase performance

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    Minimize costs

Dynamic Performance Model

Defining your goals

Every customer relationship starts with an understanding of your current challenges, goals and objectives—truly collaborating to meet your business needs and requirements.

Customize a solution

We then apply our focused expertise across all areas of technology, rigs and infrastructure to create a customized solution to meet or exceed those defined objectives—holding ourselves fully accountable to the outcomes we deliver.

Establish Critical KPIs

Once a solution is created, we work with you to establish the KPIs that meet outlined benchmarks and project goals, including areas that can deliver added value and create long-term success. Unlike day rates where compensation is reliant on time spent, this dynamic performance model means we’re paid for achieving these KPIs.

Execution and delivery

Now, we are held accountable to deliver on our promises. Once we begin executing, we optimize our technology and rig solutions, along with operational infrastructure, to constantly perform at the highest possible standard until your goals are achieved.

It’s time to re-think
the power of partnership.

Find out more about how the performance-based contract model allows H&P to minimize risk, reduce costs, increase revenue and align our success with our customers' success.