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The right people.
The right technology.
The right outcomes.

With all the moving pieces involved in drilling, delivering a streamlined, simplified customer experience is key to your success. It goes beyond just serving as a drilling contractor—we are a partner focused on providing better results. At the onset of a project, we provide you with a single point of contact to specifically help identify your business challenges. We then bring together the right experts, technology and equipment to create a tailored plan to optimize your drilling process, meet or exceed KPIs and deliver true value.

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From rig designs to operations, our number one commitment is to keeping our people, worksites and communities safe. Each year, H&P’s safety Leadership team determines company-wide Actively C.A.R.E. (Control and Remove Exposures) goals, by examining any incident reports and injury (SIF) data, and by listening to feedback from our teams in the field. For us, there is no greater priority than safety.

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Traditionally, drilling contractors are paid based on a day rate. However, we believe we should be paid based on what we achieve. That’s why, once we’ve worked with you to identify your drilling challenges and align on KPIs, we establish a performance-based contract—a compensation model that activates only when we meet or exceed established goals.

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Our technical experts are crucial to our success. By hiring and retaining the industry’s brightest minds, we’re able to deliver more meaningful, innovative solutions to every aspect of drilling and beyond. From technical experts to leadership, our teams work closely together to innovate, problem-solve and provide clear end-to-end direction, so we can fully achieve our customers’ business objectives.

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With our automation technology already being used and validated worldwide, we have constant insight into drilling optimization and can apply adaptive learning around our customers’ needs. What’s more, by combining our technology and expertise with our industry-leading FlexRig® fleet, we’re able to bring automation to the forefront in optimizing drilling processes, increasing wellbore quality and providing value beyond the drilling stage.

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Every customized solution we provide combines our expertise, equipment, manpower, technology and operational infrastructure. Keeping all of these parts moving in the same, unified direction contributes to the true value we bring to each and every well. Our far-reaching infrastructure has supported our rig operations for more than 100 years—safely meeting and exceeding operational needs.

Our approach to everything we do is to build better partnerships and provide better outcomes.