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De-manning Directional Drilling from Rig Operations

We deliver repeatability and consistency for directional drilling by leveraging a suite of offerings. The Bit Guidance System makes directional drilling decisions based on the most economic, high-value slide location and footage. With our proprietary AutoSlide® technology, we are able to automatically execute a slide by orienting the toolface, applying weight to bit, and monitoring differential pressure to optimize toolface precision and rate of penetration—resulting in an accurate, fast slide.

Stand by stand, our autonomous Collision Avoidance solution ensures we are drilling in safe conditions away from collision risk. For better insight, our DrillDown platform provides drill site representative's with a comprehensive, real-time view of the drilling activities so that they can better understand the well conditions and make proactive drilling decisions.

Ultimately, to increase scalability and consistency, our remote operations center allows experts to safely and remotely oversee the entire drilling process.