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Reduce Failure and Repair Costs

During the planning phase, our DrillScan® software performs modeling to optimize the bottom hole assembly (BHA) design for your specific well and formations. What’s more, using geological formation data and in-depth post-well analysis, DrillScan software experts evaluate and provide ideal drilling parameters back to our Digital Roadmap for automatic upload into the rig control system. By uploading and executing automatically, we avoid inaccuracies from manual entry and inflight modifications.

Help ensure optimal performance during drilling operations with:

  • FlexTorque® to reduce vibration from stick slip that can lead to drill bit damage.

  • FlexB2D® technology to provide consistent bit engagement to prevent bit damage and improve bit life.

  • StallAssist® to quickly detect and react to stalls in order to reduce damage and the potential of equipment being stranded downhole.

  • DrillDownTM provides a real-time comprehensive view of drilling activities in order to make proactive drilling decisions.

  • Digital Roadmap to automatically load drilling parameters into the control system, even from remote locations.

An estimated 25% of bit runs result in some degree of bit and/or BHA damage due to downhole drilling dynamics. Our digital operations offer a variety of solutions to address bit and BHA damage.